Dress Code

Leotards or a close fitting shirt and shorts should be worn. Girls may wish to buy our club leotard in Wine - Sparkle code Z686SPA (sleeveless) or Z685SPA (long sleeved) which can be purchased online from As club members you receive a 10% discount, please quote 85583 when ordering. Boys may wish to wear leotards and shorts sets also available from The Zone.

Health and Safety

Whilst safety is the priority, like all sports gymnastics carries with it some risk. Please minimise the risk by ensuring the following;

  • Jewellery is not worn and hair is tied back.
  • Newly pierced ears or body parts should be covered with plasters.
  • Gymnasts should not come to class if they are ill or in recovery.
  • Food should not be consumed.
  • A named bottle of water should be brought to each class.
  • Any products containing nuts are not allowed in the sports hall or building as there are children with severe nut allergies.

Spectator Policy

Unfortunately due to space restrictions we no longer offer facilities for spectator viewing within the sports hall. However we will endeavor to accommodate exceptional circumstances.

Class Structure, Content and Equipment

The class will always start with a group warm up, sometimes to music, then we break into smaller groups and focus on appropriate gymnastic skills. The equipment provided is suitable for children. Mini versions of competition apparatus such as bars and beam are used which will give the same sensation but without the intimidation and risk of working at the full height.

Coaching Policy and Gymnast Behaviour

Gymnasts are expected to show good behaviour and discipline in each class and adhere to the club rules. The coach has a right to manage behaviour accordingly, such as giving a warning and asking a gymnast to sit out for a designated period if he/she is causing undue risk to his/herself or others. Parents and carers will always be informed at the end of the class.

In summary, our policy is to make it Firm, Fair and Fun!

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