We are committed to ensuring that we adopt best practice to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all children taking part in gymnastics classes. All children regardless of age, culture, disability, gender and racial origin have a right to protection from abuse.


2.1 General

1. The adoption of UK Gymnastics Ltd (UK Gym Ltd) and/or British Gymnastics (BG) guidelines for health, safety and welfare and the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

2. The appointment of a welfare officer Dawn Leonard to whom all issues can be discussed in confidence.

3. There will be zero tolerance for bullying and abuse both physical and verbal. Any suspicions and allegations will be taken very seriously and responded to swiftly.

4. Any accidents requiring medical attention and incidents occurring will be recorded in a log book.

2.2 Staff

1. Ensuring that all staff and adult volunteers are suitably trained and regularly updated on child protection, health and safety issues.

2. Ensuring that all staff and adult volunteers have adequate training and/or qualifications to conduct their roles competently and follow coaching guidelines.

3. Ensuring that all staff and adult volunteers have been screened where appropriate to confirm their suitability to work with children. This may include Criminal Record Bureau disclosure.

2.3 Training sessions

1. There will always be a minimum of 2 responsible persons at each training session and a person with emergency first aid training present.

2. Photography or videoing during training or events will not be undertaken without prior consent from parents, guardians and participants.

3. Training will take place in an open environment where all staff and gymnasts are always in full view of each other.

4. Sessions will be fun, enjoyable and develop children’s gymnastics potential. Some gymnastics moves may require close physical contact between coach and gymnast and where this provided it will done in accordance to UK Gym Ltd and/or BG coaching guidelines. It will be ensured that gymnasts are happy to receive manual support otherwise coaches will refrain and offer an alternative coaching method. At present Covid – 19 social distancing guidelines do not permit physical contact which we will be adhered to until permitted.

5. The coach to gymnast ratio will be in accordance to BG guidelines.


Any issues or concerns should be directed to the Club Welfare Officer below by email or pre arranged meeting in person. The Welfare Office will look at the issue in accordance with BG Child Protection Procedures and will make a note of the outcome.

Club Welfare Officer: Dawn Leonard

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We will not tolerate any forms of bullying of any kind and anyone (gymnasts, coaches, officials or parents) failing to meet our standards will receive a verbal warning. If this has no impact then a written warning will be issued. If unacceptable behaviour continues we will suspend or expel the person.

Examples of bullying could include:

  • verbal and emotional
  • physical
  • racist, homophobic or sexual
  • cyber.


We are committed to the principles of equity, good ethical and moral frameworks. Club membership is open to all without discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability (unless considered unsafe for the activity).

Our principles:

  • all persons must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being
  • all persons must be treated fairly and equally regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, disability and religion.

We adopt the British Gymnastics Equality policy.


Josette Cornish

Head Coach

July 2020