Covid-19 safety policy

COVID – 19 Safety Policy and Changes to Club Operations

The health and safety of our members and staff is always our priority. To ensure our club is safe for our gymnasts we are adopting the policies below which are in line with guidance given by gymnastics governing bodies and the government on managing the risk of COVID–19. A risk assessment has been undertaken in devising the procedures and changes below. We ask for everyone’s full co-operation in implementing these policies.

1. Drop off and collect system

Parents/carers are required to drop off and pick up children from the designated entry and exit doors. We will advise parents which doors to use in advance. Everyone should keep social distance and adhere to the queuing and one way system.

No one will be allowed in the gym apart from gymnasts or staff. If your child is not able to participate without a parent present then they are not ready to attend gymnastics classes and should delay their participation. However, we will do our best to accommodate children with special requirements.

Gymnasts will be dismissed in their groups by their lead coach.

On arrival gymnasts will have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer then a coach will take or direct them to their group. Shoes should be kept on until they reach their area.

2. Class sizes and groups

We have reduced class sizes significantly by up to 30%. There will be 4 groups of children in each class with a maximum number of 8 children per group. We will try to keep siblings together. Each group will have a lead coach who will be responsible for taking the register, delivering safe effective coaching and ensuring safe departure at the end of the session. There will also be an assistant coach in each group for the younger classes.

3. Class organisation and activity

Each group will have a designated area with appropriate equipment. Gymnasts will stay in the same group, same area and with the same coaches throughout their session. Groups will be spaced out with walkways between each area. There will be a one way system for gymnasts and coaches to follow in the hall.

Within in each group we will allocate and mark out space for each gymnast so that a safe distance can be maintained from coaches and other gymnasts. This will include an area for their shoes, water and belongings.

There will be NO PHYSICAL CONTACT between coaches and gymnasts. This means we can not support or adjust gymnasts any more. The activities and equipment used will be risk assessed to ensure safety for non contact coaching.

To ensure variety each group will be allocated a different area with different equipment each week. However, they will stay in their same groups with the same coaches.

Classes will run for 50 minutes to allow time for cleaning and gymnast dispersal.

4. Home time

At the end of the session coaches will accompany gymnasts to the designated exit doors to meet parents/carers. Children under 11 years old must be collected by an adult or responsible person. Older children may make their own way out only if we have a signed agreement which is found on the registration form.

5. Hygiene and cleaning procedures

Each group will have a hygiene station containing hand sanitiser, wipes, antibacterial spray, tissues and PPE.

At the start, middle and end of the class each gymnast and each coach will be required to apply hand sanitiser.

Equipment will be cleaned/disinfected each time it has been used by a different gymnast and always at the end of each class. This will not always be possible for fabric or carpet topped equipment which will be sprayed with anti-bacterial solution where appropriate. Non carpet mats will be cleaned after each class. Gymnasts who will be working on carpet mats which can not be cleaned after each session will be given a wipeable exercise mat to use where more than foot contact is required.

Gymnasts will be encouraged to wear socks as long as it is safe to do so.

Before and after each session we shall clean any high touch hard surfaces where there may be personal contact such as door handles, light switches, taps etc. A cleaning checklist will completed before and after each class.

Use of the water fountain will not be permitted.

Toilets should only be used where absolutely necessary and all surfaces will be cleaned between uses.

6. Spectators and entry into the hall

Entry is limited to gymnasts and staff. Parents and carers are no longer allowed in the hall at any time. Coaches will meet gymnasts at the entry door and take them to their areas where they will remove their shoes and excess clothing.

There will be a limited number of places in the viewing gallery for exceptional circumstances. These must be booked in advanced with the Head Coach.

7. First aid, emergency intervention and illness in class

Coaches will endeavour to adhere to social distancing at all times. However in the unlikely event of emergency intervention being necessary face masks and gloves will be worn by the first aider or coach.

If a gymnast becomes unwell during the class they will be taken immediately to an isolated area, assessed by the Head Coach and parents/carers contacted.

In the event of a fire alarm or other emergency involving immediate evacuation social distancing will not be applied.

8. Suspected Covid-19 outbreak

If we believe there is an outbreak of the virus we will inform all attendees who were in close contact. We will close our facility for at least 72 hours and conduct a thorough deep clean of the premises and equipment. After this we will adopt the normal control measures for Covid-19.

9. How you can help

Please ensure your child:

  • is in good health and does not have a cold, cough or runny nose. If they were too ill for school they should not attend gymnastics classes.
  • is not showing any signs of Covid-19. If we have concerns about the well being of any child we reserve the right to isolate them, make an assessment and contact guardians.
  • is dressed appropriately and ready for their class as changing facilities will be very limited.
  • has been to the toilet.
  • has a bag containing a drink, tissues and hand sanitiser/wipes if possible.

Please be punctual when dropping off and picking up your child and follow the one way entry and exit routes. Any child not collected at the finish time will be taken to an isolated area where they can wait for their parents.

Do not allow your child to attend classes if anyone in your household is self isolating and/or anyone is deemed vulnerable (elderly, expectant or new mother).

You must advise us immediately if your child develops coronavirus symptoms after attending, they should get tested and if positive they will need to self isolate for 7 days and your family for 14 days. We will then contact everyone who has been in close contact with your child and advise them to follow the latest government guldelines on the next course of action.

If your child or anyone in your family is returning from another country your child must not return to gym until the appropriate self isolation period has expired if applicable.

Please advise us if you change your contact details or move house. It is vital we have up to date emergency contact information.

We hope by following these procedures we can continue to provide a fun and safe environment for our members to take part in gymnastics in these challenging times.